Top 3 Best Crossbow Scopes with Rangefinder in 2023

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For anyone that’s ever gone hunting, it’s obvious that a crossbow scope with a rangefinder is a great asset to have in your arsenal. Not only can it make judging distances easier, but it can also drastically improve your accuracy in seconds. Through extensive research and trials, we’ve compiled a list of the best crossbow scopes with rangefinder in 2023:

  1. ATN X-Sight II (Best Overall)
  2. XOPin (Best Value)
  3. UUQ Tactical (Best Quality)

Keep reading below to check out what we had to say about them. We’ve done our best to highlight the pros and cons to give you a good idea of what you should expect should you purchase any of these products.

3 Best Crossbow Scopes with Rangefinder

1. ATN X-Sight II (Best Crossbow Scope Overall)

ATN X-Sight II crossbow scope> CLICK FOR BEST PRICE

Price: $$

Dimensions: 14 x 8 x 5 inches

Weight: 4.4 pounds

Specific features: 5-20x magnification, ballistic calculator, smart range finder, 1080p HD video recording & photos, Wi-Fi streaming, 3D gyroscope, barometer, GPS, IOS & Android Apps

We bought this scope for our night vision scope review and were pleasantly surprised with the results. You can see our more in-depth review here: Top 5 Best Night Vision Scopes for Crossbow.

Making the list once again, the ATN X-Sight II seems like it’s here to stay. The ATN X-Sight II has a lot of unique features that really set it apart from other scopes on the market. It’s at the top of our list of the best crossbow scopes because it has so much to offer. When you buy this scope, you get so much more than the same basic features.

The first thing we tried out was the ballistic calculator under different conditions. It did exceptionally well and was quite pleasant to use with easier and moderate shots, I was originally unsure of how it would perform with more advanced ones, but I’m glad to say that I wasn’t disappointed. It was decently easy to change the point of impact with the long-range and angled shots that we tried out.

We also experimented with the smart rangefinder within our trials. Initially, it was a little hard to figure out how to use the device with all its features. However, it was pretty easy once I figured it out. To identify a target’s range, all I had to do was click the device twice.

2. XOPin Hunting Rifle Scope (Best Value)

XOPin Hunting Rifle Scope


Price: $

Weight: 2.9 pounds

Specific features: 5 level red and green lasers

The first thing we did with the XOPin Hunting Rifle Scope was try out the quality and efficiency of its lasers. The scope itself comes with two different color lasers in red and green. They were both very easy to install on the side rail. In our field tests, we could clearly see both of the different color lasers up to 300 yards. After this point, they were still visible but not as defined.

At least initially when we used the lasers, they were slightly off. However, it only took a few minutes to correct this. As we continued to shoot, we didn’t have any further problems.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the scope for beginners or for more experienced shooters who are looking to save some money. For such a low price point, this scope is definitely worth the investment and takes the second place in our list of the best crossbow scopes with rangefinder.

3. UUQ Tactical Rifle Scope (Best Quality)

UUQ Tactical Rifle Scope> CLICK FOR BEST PRICE

Price: $

Weight: 3.2 pounds

Specific features: 5 level red and green lasers

Upon receiving the UUQ Tactical Rifle Scope, the first thing that I noticed was the quality of this product. This scope is sturdy, but not too heavy, and is made of high-quality material. The UUQ’s description claimed that it was waterproof, so naturally, we tested it out. We soaked the entire scope in water and it worked perfectly fine after we gave it a few minutes to dry off.

In our field tests, the clarity of this scope was better than on some of the more expensive ones that we’ve tried, so this is definitely something to consider. Similar to the scope above, this one came with a red and green laser. The lasers were visible at 300 yards, but we didn’t test their shooting at this distance. We only shot at up to 100 yards, but we have no complaints. For the price, this scope was insanely accurate.

Overall, this is definitely one of the best crossbow scopes with rangefinder out there. I would recommend this scope alone, so the fact that it also comes with holographic sight and laser is just amazing!

What Is A Rangefinder In A Crossbow Scope?

Rangefinders are a tool that allow people to estimate distances in different situations. The way that they work is simple. Laser rangefinders emit laser beams when put in use. These beams are projected forward and then bounce off distant objects. Once this happens, the rangefinder records how long it took the beams to leave and come back with it’s high-speed clock.

What Makes The Best Crossbow Scope With Rangefinder?

There’s a lot of factors that we consider when we make product reviews. We want to make sure that you’re getting the best bang for your buck, so we really try our best to give detailed explanations and do extensive research. Here’s what we tested in order to find the best crossbow scope:

  • Durability
  • Accuracy
  • Clarity
  • Battery life
  • Speed

Obviously, you want something that’s going to last. Therefore, the first thing we looked at was durability. It’s not uncommon for people to accidentally bang their scopes around, so you want something that’s going to be able to last.

Another thing that we looked at was accuracy of both the scope and the rangefinder. Of course, nobody wants to buy a scope that doesn’t work. Picking a good scope is crucial making more shots and the same thing goes for the rangefinder. Seriously, what good is a rangefinder if it always tells you the wrong distance?

The clarity of the scope itself was also something that we used to determine the quality of the product. There’s nothing worse than shooting with a scope that is off-center or wonky. Therefore, we looked for scopes that had high resolution imaging.

Another important thing that we checked was the battery life of the scope. Knowing the many hunters go out into the wilderness, far from electricity, we wanted to make sure that all the scopes that we recommended could last at least 8 hours without a charge.

Finally, the last thing that we looked at was the speed of the rangefinder itself. For obvious reasons, fast equipment is extremely important in hunting. Therefore, we made sure to extensively test these scopes under a variety of conditions to see how well they performed.